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The Illustrated London News 1884

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1884 dynamite outrages at westminster

1884 Dynamite outrages at Westminster

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Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

July 5th - The yacht "Mignonette" set sail for Sydney from Southampton,

the ship was wrecked en route which lead Captain Tom Dudley and some of the surviving crew to a trial concerning cannibalism on the high seas

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Jan to June contains


February 16th



June 7th

Issue No. 2355, Vol. LXXXIV

Marriage of The "Midgets" in Manchester, Dead-Heat in The Derby .. Harvester & St. Gatien, The Bath and West of England Agricultural Society at Maidstone, .

July to December

Alnwick Castle, includes double page montage.
The Dominion of Canada. 11 pages of fact and pictures. 34 images in total.
The War between France and China.
A Missionary`s Illustrated Letter to the Youngsters at Home. In 2 parts.
Gold Mining in the South East Wynaad, India.
Dress, Manners and Art in the Last Century - 4 page article on tinted paper.
Old and Young in Egypt, in 2 parts.
A Journey through Central Asia in 4 parts: Part 1 - Russian Turkistan.
A Journey through Central Asia in 4 parts: Part 2 - Kuldja..
A Journey through Central Asia in 4 parts: Part 3 - Bokhara.
General - The Nile Expedition for the Relief of General Gordon is featured throughout the volume.
A Journey through Central Asia in 4 parts: Part 4 - Khiva.
The Germans in Africa - a 4 page illustrated report.

4 Page Colour Story by Randolph Caldecott titled: The Legend of the Laughing Oak.

Some of the numerous full page engravings, as follows. Some may have 2 engravings on one page.
The French in Tonkin
The Tercentenary of Uppingham School.
With the British Garrison at Suakim, Red Sea
The Cholera in France
Notes at the Kennel Club
The Violin Lesson by Miss E A Armstrong. (Slight crease)
The Conference on the Affairs of Egypt.
The Fatal Railway Acident at Penistone (half)
An Ascent of the Schilthorn frm Murren, Switzerland.
Yacht Racing on the Clyde.
A Bible Lesson by Mrs Alma-Tadema
The Greely Arctic Relief Expedition, scenes on route.
3/4 page - Australia v England at Lords. A montage of 10 images W G Grace featured. (this page is creased but would iron out)
Egypt - The Mutiny at Asiout.
Views in Armstrong Park and at Cragside, Newcastle.
A Holiday on the Clyde
Up in the Hills - notes at Simla.
The Works at the Forth Bridge Railway.
Dimanche a Londres
Water Polo
Exploration in the King Country, North Island, New Zealand.
Among the Brigands in Smyrna
The Slave Trade in the East.
Experiences of a British Officer of the Gendarmerie in Egypt. 2 pages.
Some English Lawn Tennis Players. 8 players identified, mostly Wimbledon Champions.
"Satisfaction" by J Nash.
Some out of the way places in Japan.
With the British Association in Canada. A montage.
A Visit to the Island of Inishkea, Connaught, Ireland.
Blondin crossing the Arno at Florence, on a tightrope. (Small image)
Sir John Soane`s Museum, Lincolns Inn Fields, London. A group of 8 images
Old Folks and Fashions near Lewes, Sussex.
With the British Association in Canada. A montage.
Sugar Culture in Jamaica - 8 images.
Scenes in New Zealand I.
Disturbed South Africa - 2 pages.
Scenes in New Zealand II.
The French in Madagascar. 2 pages.
The Zhob Valley Expedition to Chasise the Kakar Pathans
The Graphic Map of European Possessions in Africa. COLOUR PLATE.
The Ballad of Dame Durden, COLOUR Story. 2 pages
Colour by Basil Bradley - 2 St Bernards rescuing an injured mountaineer.
Half Page Colour - "Youth" by E Hallatz
Half Page Colour - "Age" by E Hallatz
The Cruise of the Yacht "Marchesa"
Winter Scenes in Nevada and California.
Irrepresible Enthusiasts - Tennis in the Snow.
A Child`s Christmas Da. A tinted story by Adrien Marie.

Double Page, notable engravings.
The Military Tournament. The 15th Kings Own Hussars.
A meetng of the Royal Commission of the Housing of the Working Classes.
With Admiral Sir W Hewitt`s Embassy.
On A Clyde Steamer
The Greely Arctic Relief Expedition. A montage of 5 illustrations including the crew. Also 1 by C W Wyllie.
Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Newcastle. 8 x WL Wyllie.
Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Newcastle. 6 images.
Pageant at Brussles.
"Pigtails and Powder" by Frank Dadd. High quality paper.
On Board an Emigrant Ship.
The Nile Expedition - By W L Wyllie
Launch of the New Armoured Sip "Rodney" at Chatham. - By W L Wyllie
Destructon of the Foochow Arsenal, by the French.
Views in Montevideo, Uruguay.
The Nile Expedition by F Villiers.
The Nile Expedition. A Nuggar by F Villiers.
With Emigrants frm Liverpool to Canada.
The Nile Expedition. The Canadian Voyageurs arrive. by F Villiers.
Races at Dongola.
The Nile Expedition. Portraits of Lord Woseley and his Staff.
On The Congo.
The Second Cataract of the Nile.
With the Camel Corps.

Celebrities of the Day. Good quality full page portraits, often sepia. With facsimile signature .
No. XI - The Rt Hon Earl of Shaftesbury.
No. IX - Sir John Lubbock
No. X - The Marquis of Salisbury.

August 30th

Number 2367

Drawing by Hal Ludlow to Supplement Novella Ropes of Sand

The French War in China: view of the City of Foochow, from the British Consulate (full-page)

The French War in China: Chinese Fort on the Min River, A Mandarin’s Summer-House at Foochow, The Arsenal of Foochow, Bombarded by the French Naval Squadron Last Saturday (one page)

Map of Nubia and the Nile from Assouan to Khartoum (Quarter-page)

The Salvation Army Riots at Worthing, Sussex & Messrs. Renard’s and Krebs’ Balloon Steered by Electricity, at Meudon, near Paris (one page)

Advanced Excursionists of the British Association at the Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara (half-page)

Double-Page Supplement: The Expedition up the Nile: Embarkation of Troops at Siout for Assouan (see photo)

Special Supplement with Illustrations for The Staffordshire Potteries (4-pages)

September 6th

Mountain Climbing in the Tyrol

Sketches in the Island of Formosa

Extra Supplement: Double-Page Spread of The Sudan Expedition: A Pool in the Desert (see photo)

Drawing by Hal Ludlow as supplement to Ropes of Sand Novella

Paris on Horseback, No. 11: Sketches by “Nidrach”

Crossing the Channel Sketches

November 15th

November 22nd

December 27th


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