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The Illustrated London News 1893

1893 dec 30 colour pic

A detailed colour painting in the ILN in December 1893

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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'Master at Balliol College - the Late Professor Jowett '

' Louise The Queen of Denmark with Her Daughters – The Princess of Wales ( Alexandra later Queen Consort) – Dagmar The Empress of Russia ' the ladies going out for a drive in a pony carriage at Fredensborg Castle Denmark


' The Late Mr Albert Moore '

' Azaleas – Painting by Albert Moore '

' Follow My Leader – Painting by Albert Moore ' from photographs by Mr F. Hollyer of Pembroke Square

Scene from "Sowing the Wind" at the Comedy Theatre – Mr Brandon Thomas – Miss Winifred Emery .

' Balliol College with the Masters Residence ' photograph by Hills and Saunders

' The Late Lord Alfred Spencer Churchill '

' Late President of the Institute of Journalists - Mr Charles Russell '

'The Late David James – As Perkyn Middlewick in Reive "Our Boys" ..' actor

Church Congress at Birmingham -:

' Archbishop of Canterbury – Edward White Benson '

' Bishop of Durham - Brooke Foss Westcott '

' Archbishop of York - William Dalrymple Maclagan '

' Rev Dr Forrest '

' Bishop of Worcester the President of the Congress - John James Stewart Perowne '

' Canon Wilkinson '

' Archdeacon Farrar '

' Bishop of Chester - Francis John Jayne '

' Canon Wilberforce '

Full page – photographs by H. J. Whitlock of Birmingham – Russell of Baker Street London – S. A. Walker of Regent Street – Bassano of Old Bond Street – Lawrence of Dublin

Illustrations for a short story sketched by A. Forestier

Conflict in Brazil -:

' Leader of the Brazilian Insurrection – Rear Admiral Jose de Mello ' engraving fro a photograph by Alves Ferreira and Rottgen of Rio de Janeiro

' Rio De Janeiro – Dom Pedro II Square ' view of the square with the Igreja da Candelaria ( church ), other buildings and a grass/tree area in the foreground, carts lined up – fro ma photograph

' Rio de Janeiro from the Bay ' engraving showing sailing ships, steam vessels etc in the foreground with the city, Sugarloaf mountain, and ot her mountains beyond

' A Brazilian Cavalry Soldier ' from a drawing by Melton Prior

' Brazilian Infantry Soldier of the Line with Field Miel Kit – Drill Order Cap – Review Order Cap – Full Uniform ' from a drawing by Melton Prior – info. Melton Prior was and English artist and war correspondent for the ILN

Full page with text

The Conflict in Argentina -:

' Sketch Map of the Argerntine Confederation – Showing Bolivia in the North down to Tierra del Fuego in the South ' .

' Near Buenos Ayres - The Moving Stone ' from a photograph

' Buenos Ayres - The Called De Rivadavia '

' Buenos Ayres – Central Market '

' The National Bank in Buenos Ayres '

' Buenos Ayres – Reviewing The Troops in the Plaza de la Victoria ' – info. Plaza de la Mayo

' Costumes, Mantles and Millinery from Messrs Jay's of Regent Street ' advert

' The Amersham Drawing Room Suite from Maple and Co. Of Tottenham Court Road ' advert

' Geraudel's Pastilles – Norway Pine Tar ' advert

' Wills Navy Cut Capstan Brand by W. D. And H. O. Wills ' advert

' Cheapside ¾ Plate Keyless Lever Watch - - Ladies Gold Keyless Half Chronometer - - Lady's Gold Keyless Watch - - Standard Gold Keyless ¾ Plate half Chronometer Watch - - Fron Sir john Bennett Ltd ' advert showing five types of watch

' Best Tent for Africa and Trestle Cot – Benjamin Edgington Ltd of 2 Duke Street London Bridge ' advert

' The Patent Masticator from Fordham and Smith of 2 Helmet Buildings, Wormwood Street, London ' small advert showing the device

' Ten Months Old Twins of J. D. Harvey of 18 Grove Vale, East Dulwich - Mellins Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites ' advert showing an engraving of the twins

Note Book Page by James payn

Norwich Musical Festival

Albert Moore by Frederick Wedmore

The Playhouses by Clement Scott

Home and Foreign News includes:

The Miners or Collieries Strike

Impending Visit of the Russian Naval Squadron in France - - The French Treaty of Peace with Siam

And More

The Magazines Column by Tighe Hopkins

Short paragraph by Clement Scott with an apology to Mister Pinero .

The Trial of the Sword by Gilbert Parker – short story

Science Column by Dr Andrew Wilson

Obituary includes:

Lieutenant General Sir Alexander Abercromby Nelson of The Manor house, Langley, Bucks who died at Walmer, Bath Road, reading

Rev. Benjamin Jowett died at @headley Park, Liphool the residence of Mr Justice Wright

Sir Stevenson Arthur Blackwook KCB of the General Post Office

Deaths (short announcements): Dame Elizabeth Eastlake widow of Sir Charles PRA - - - Mr Benjamin Whitworth JP - - - Mr Albert Moore - - - Nmr David Belasco aka David James the Comedian

Meeting of the Toynbee Cdntre of the London Unviersity Extension Society

Meeting of the Shareholders of Armstrong, Mitchell and Co at Newcastle, Lord Armstrong attended

Wills and Bequests include – Mr Richard Oxley of 13 Selborne Road, Hove - - - Mr Frederick Burgess of St James Hall, Piccadilly and Burgess Hall, Finchley - - - Mr William Holloway CSI late of Egmore, Westgate on Sea - - - Mr William Morse Graily Hewitt MD of 36 Berkeley Square

January 21st

The Rebel Queen by Walter Besant - With Drawn Images

Science Juttings - Dr. Andrew Wilson

Chess - Problem by J.W. Abbott

The Ladies Column - Mrs. Fenwick-Miller - Image of Miss Frances E. Willard and Lady Henry Somerset

Ecclesiastical Notes

Art Notes - Images of
J.J. Eden the Winner
R. Erichsson
The Last Round of Eden V. Ericsson - Eden Winner

Home and Foreign News

The Late Mrs. Frances Anna Kemble - with Image



Ads Include
International Fur Store
Poultry - Mappin & webb's
Liebig - Company's Extract of Beef
Hotel victoria
S.Sainsbury's Lavender Water
Peter Robinson - Annual Winter Sale
The Midget Razor
Mappin Brothers Queen's Cutlery
Jay's Mourning House
Parisian Diamond Company
Christy Bread Knife
Brooke's soap
Goldsmiths' Alliance Jewellery and Silver Plate
Benger's Food
De Jong's Cocoa
The Breechloader

Full Page Ad for Mellin's Food for Infants & Invalids

Ads for
Lipton's Teas
Allen & Hamburys Cod Liver Oli
Vaverley - Sold Everywhere
Macniven & Cameron Pens

January 7th to June 24th

There are all kinds of interesting articles

April 1st

Short story The Rebel Queen by Walter Besant

Adverts :Chancery lane Safe deposit, Mappin and Webb, Brown and Polson's Cornflour
Players Navy Cut Tobacco, Savoy and Moore, Hampton and Sons, Elkingtons Electroplate, Bovril, Fry's Cocoa
Bread and Hovis Biscuits, Carrs Ladder Tapes,Cash's woven names, Van Houtens Cocoa, Geraudels Pastilles
The Association of Diamond Merchants, Jewelers and Silversmiths
Lipton Tea, Thompson Spring safety, Zebra grate polish, Beecham's Pills, Edwards harlene for Hair, Swift reservoir penholder
Brookes Soap, Dores Suits, Hopgoods Hair cream, Goddards Plate powder, John Alvey Turner - Banjos mandolins and Guitars, Carters Liver Pills, C. Bond and Son, Pears Soap, Dinneford's Magnesia, Beethams Glycerine Cucumber, Foots Home Exerciser, Sozodont Martell's Brandy, Schweppe's Table waters, Benedictine Liqueur, Joseph Gillott's pens, Bensons Watches
Claxtons Ear Cap, Christy Bread Knife, Lord Kelvin Hot and Cold Water Tap, No. 4711 Eau de Cologne, Kodak, Neave's Food

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